Purchase of San Francisco Quad and Triplex


Lone Oak Fund, LLC provided $1,267,000 in acquisition financing for the purchase of two adjacent units, a Quadplex and Triplex in San Francisco.  The properties, which are 50% vacant, were put up for sale by the City through a receiver.  Borrower is a seasoned developer who intends to rehab the properties and refinance with a traditional loan after capital improvements.  Borrower plans to keep the units as rentals.

Lone Oak provided borrower 65% of purchase price, our maximum loan amount.  The 18 month loan was priced at 7.90% interest only for months 1-12 and 8.60% interest only for months 13-18, with 2.00 points to the lender.

Lone Oak Fund never has a prepayment penalty or personal guaranty requirements.

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