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$21,000,000 – Newly Constructed Apartment Building

When a new building is finally completed, investors are in a hurry to get rid of high-interest construction financing. Unfortunately, without tenants, banks aren’t in a rush to lend. Lone Oak Fund’s low rates and quick funding can allow for a borrower to find quality tenants for their building without worrying about a prepayment penalty.

This 54,000 square foot, 67-unit apartment building in Koreatown was a no-brainer for loan committee. Our $21,000,000 loan was paid off the construction financing with an attractive 5.90% interest rate, and allowed for some cash-out to put the finishing touches on the building.

​Loan Amount





26,561 square foot office building on a 21,058 square foot lot


​Newport Beach, California

​Purpose of Loan

​Purchase of office building for healthcare company

​Exit Strategy

​Permanent financing

​Long Term

​12 Months


​6.90% interest only

​Additional Terms

​No prepayment penalty. No yield maintenance. Non-recourse.

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